Professional Non-Slip Mat and Shower Mat Installation Services

Refinished bathtubs can be a bit more slippery than your original bathtub surface. That's why at AAA Tub N Tile we offer professional installation services for permanent non-slip bath and shower mats. Having our team install a non-slip surface in your bath or shower is a smart decision. It helps to prevent slips and falls while in the shower, which can be dangerous. Another issue that homeowners who have refinished their baths may experience is that over the counter bought bathmats, which often use suction cups or corrosive adhesive, can react poorly with the finish on your bathtub, causing the coating to lift.

Why Should You Have A Non-Slip Surface Installed In Hour Bath

Its obvious that nobody wants to fall in the tub or shower, and that's especially important for seniors or for parents with small children. Having a non-slip surface installed during the refinishing process is easy and takes little to no extra time on top of having your bathtub or shower refinished. It can give you peace of mind that anyone using your shower will be safe from slips and falls. Our team at AAA Tub N Tile highly recommends that you consider having a permanent mat installed in your home.

Why Over The Counter Bath Mats Are Bad

When you have a refinished tub, or in some cases even a brand new tub, the coating (while water resistant) can be prone to damage when improper adhesives or suction cups are used on the surface. Using one of these bath mats can cause damage to your bathtub leading to erosion which may need to be repaired later.

Contact Our Team For Professional Non-Slip Mat Installation In Your Shower Or Bathtub

If you are in need of non-skid mat installation in your tub or shower we can help. Contact our experts online or by calling 314-607-4611 to schedule an estimate an appoinement.