Professional Shower Floor Refinishing Services

Shower Floor Refinishing

Do you have a leaky or damaged shower floor? Our team at AAA Tub N Tile offers professional shower floor and tile repair services for both home and business owners in the St Louis area. There are a variety of things that can cause damage to your shower floor over time and with wear and tear these damages can become cracks or holes that cause your shower to leak.

Most homeowners would consider replacing their shower floors if they notice the damage. However, there is a cheaper alternative that offers the same protection as a new shower. Our shower floor refinishing services and tile repair help maintain the strength of the shower floor as well as maintaining the look and feel of the existing shower.

What Causes Holes & Chips In Bathtubs

There are many things that can cause damage to your shower over time. Our St. Louis shower refinishing team has experience dealing with all of these things and has put together a list below that details how some of these things can lead to serious damage in your bathroom.

Leaking Drains: Tub and shower drains connect to P-traps, just like sink drains do, and the traps can leak. Water can also seep past strainers that aren't properly connected to the drain, and in some cases, there may be small cracks or brakes in the bottom of the fixture itself. When water leaks from any of these sources, it will usually become apparent on the bathroom floor or in the room below, as it buckles the ceiling drywall. Water doesn't always originate from the drain. It may also come from loose or rusted water supply connections.

Heavy Use: Most homes built before 1990 in St Louis still have their original bathroom fixtures, including the shower. Wear and tear over time can wear down the floor of your shower. This makes it prone to cracks, holes, and chips. These can all be fixed by our St. Louis shower refinishing experts. 

Water Temperatures: Over time, the use of extremely hot water can cause the floor of your shower to become worn down and thin causing the shower pan to become flexible. This means that your shower floor is prone to cracking and leaking.

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If you have noticed damage, chips, cracks, or holes in your shower pan you should contact our St. Louis shower refinishing experts. We can schedule an appointment for an initial inspection and repair estimate that will help you get on track with your bathroom updates quickly. Contact our experts online or by calling 314-607-4611 today to schedule a shower floor refinishing appointment.

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