Professional Bathtub Hole & Chip Repair Services

Have you noticed any damage in your bathtub? Most homes in St Louis that were built before 1990 still have their original bathroom fixtures and bathtub. This means that on average, your bathtub has received almost 30 years of wear and tear. This means your current bathtub may have chips or other damage that may be repairable. Damage to your bathtub can be as small as a scratch or as big as a hole.

Our team at AAA Tub N Tile specializes in repairing and in some cases refinishing bathtubs that have experienced damage over the course of their life span. Our St. Louis bathtub repair team is capable of repairing most bathtub holes and chips, depending on the size, in as little as a few hours. In addition to this, all of our repairs can be color matched to your existing tub to provide a seamless repair.

What Causes Holes & Chips In Bathtubs

There are many things that can cause damage to your bathtub over time. Our St. Louis bathtub repair team has experience dealing with all of these things and has put together a list below that details how some of these things can lead to serious damage in your bathroom.

Not Rinsing Your Tub After Each Use: After showering or bathing, residue (including shampoo, conditioner, soap, and etc.) can remain on the walls/sides of your bathtub. Although you may be in a hurry to get on with your process of getting ready, however, taking just a minute or two to rinse off your bathtub/shower can remove this debris and:

  • Prevent it from building up on your tubs’ surfaces

  • Minimize the longer-term damage that can result from such buildup (such as the deterioration of grout, etc.).

Leaving Bath Products On The Ledge Of The Tub: Where do you keep your shampoo, body wash and other shower products you use? If it’s on the ledges of tubs (rather than hanging somewhere that allows the water to drain away), then you are likely causing water to be trapped between the products and the surface of your tub. This can, in turn, accelerate water damage to a tub.

Dropped Items: Dropping items in the bathtub such as full bottles of shampoo or conditioner can start to cause damages to your bathtub. In most cases, chips and holes can appear if heavier items are dropped in the bathtub.

Wear and Tear: Most homes in St Louis built before 1990 have years of wear and tear built up on their surfaces. From improper cleaning to leaving water to sit, the ceramic that your tub is made out of can wear down causing holes, cracking, and chips as it gets older.

Contact Our Experts For Bathtub Hole & Chip Repair Services in St Louis

If you have noticed damage, chips, cracks, or holes in your bathtub you should contact our St. Louis bathtub repair experts. We can schedule an appointment for an initial inspection and repairable estimate that will help you get on track with your bathroom updates quickly. Contact our experts online or by calling 314-607-4611 today to schedule a bathtub hole and chip repair appointment.