Professional Bathtub Finish Stripping

Is your bathtub old, and the wear is getting the better of it? Is your bathtub an ugly color, grimy, or even damaged? If any of these things are the case, then AAA Tub N Tile can help. One of the things that our St. Louis bathtub finish stripping team specializes in is refinishing bathtubs, and part of the refinishing process is stripping the tub of all all previously refinished products in preparation for a new finish.

How To Tell If Your Bathtub Needs Refinishing

When your bathtub starts chipping or peeling, this is a good indicator that your bathtub is in need of stripping off the old finish in preparation for a new one. Cracks are one of the major things in which you should not neglect. This is because any wear that is making it through the cracks is no longer wearing down the finish of the tub, it is wearing down the tub itself. If neglected and left unfixed, it may damage the tub beyond repair in the most extreme circumstances.

How We Strip Bathtub Finish

For Fiberglass tubs, our St. Louis bathtub finish stripping experts will sand it down with sandpaper. This is because the finish remover we use on during the normal refinishing process will melt the fiberglass.

For Porcelain tubs, we apply a finish remover. From there, our St. Louis bathtub finish stripping team makes sure to protect the areas around the tub so none of the finish comes off on the surrounding surfaces. Once the paint stripper has done its job, we remove it from the tub and then begin to apply the new finish.

Contact Our Experts For Bathtub Finish Stripping Today

If you have noticed damage, grime, or general wear and tear on your bathtub, you should contact our experts. We can schedule an appointment for an initial inspection and refinishing estimate that will help you get on track with your updates quickly. Contact our experts online or by calling 314-607-4611 today to schedule a bathtub finish stripping appointment.